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Jeffrey D. Silverberg

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Reliable Criminal Defense

If you've been charged with a crime, you need a skilled attorney standing by your side. In the Baltimore area, Jeffrey D. Silverberg is the attorney whom you can trust. Contact the Esquire Title Co., Inc. to get experienced defense for your traffic violation, DUI, or other felony or misdemeanor criminal case.

•  Felony or misdemeanor


•  Traffic violations, including

   moving violations, speeding,

   and reckless driving

Defense Against a Range of Criminal Charges

If you think the so-called insanity plea might apply to your criminal case, call us for a FREE consultation. Mr. Silverberg is experienced in NCR cases ("not criminally responsible") and we'll be glad to consider the merits of your case.

Experienced in the Insanity Plea

Enter the courtroom with an ally by your side. Let Jeffrey D. Silverberg represent you in your criminal defense.

For a FREE consultation about your criminal defense case, call us.

410-752-5955 or


•  DUI charges

•  Assault and battery charges

•  Arson cases

•  Burglary and theft charges

•  Murder charges

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